SAUM Center of Infuence in Hanoi, Vietnam

News and Updates

The 7th floor building was officially opened last May 22, 2018. The grand opening was attended by pastor Ted Wilson (GC president) and his wife, pastor Samuel Saw (SSD president), pastor Somchai Chuenjit (SAUM president), pastor Tran Thanh Truyen (VAM president) and other leaders and officers from SSD, SAUM and Vietnam Mission. Praise God for His wonderful guidance, this 7th floor building will truly help to influence others for Jesus. 1st floor is for Bookstore and Health Food Store, 2nd and 3rd floors are for Language School, 4th floor is for Health and International Church, 5th floor is for Vietnamese Church, 6th floor is for ADRA Office and 7th floor is a space for further project.

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